"to be transgendered is to transcend gender boundaries in our society. the strict binary boundaries of what is male and female in our culture start as early as birth, whne pink or blue colors are chosen for infants. haowever, what if you knew from an early age you were a boy, but your body was developing as a female? what if the whole world saw you differently than you saw yourself? the transgender individual's experience has often been traumatic. many have lost their families, their partners, their children and their jobs. in addition, they have questioned their religious and undergone painful surgeies, all in the name of becoming 'whole' - to habve their appearance on the outside match who they are on the inside. they have gone against the status-quo to find truth and balance in themselves, no matter what the cost. for many it has been a "do or die" sitaution." jana marcus, 2011



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